About Us

We are the longest established Sheffield Clinic and have been performing treatments for over 8 years. During this time we have been able to refine our techniques...enabling us to produce excellent results!

The Sheffield Clinic is committed to providing highly effective and safe aesthetic treatments that enhance each patient’s enjoyment of life through delivering real results.

The clinic was established by the reputable Dr. Moorhead and Dr. O’Connell in 2003 to enable patients to instantly access the minor surgery treatments they needed without having to wait over a year on NHS waiting lists. Since then the clinic has continued to respond to the needs of its patients through expanding its range of treatments into other key cosmetic areas.

The Sheffield Clinic is registered with the Health Care Commission as an Acute hospital for Day Surgery and Class 111 and 1V lasers only.

Dr. S. P. Moorhead
MBChB , JCPTGP Dr. S. P. Moorhead MBChB
Dr. J. P. O'Connell
MBChB, JCPTGP, Dip Prac Derm, Dip Sports Med, PG Cert Cardiology Dr. J. P. O'Connell MBChB Dip Prac Derm
Kathy Gillott- Beauty Therapist.
I.T.E.C Honours, City and Giulds in Beauty Therapy and Electrolysis, C.I.D.E.S.C.O. F.E , Teaching Dip. Kathy Gillott- Beauty Therapist